5 Ways Automation Helps Businesses Prepare for Post-COVID Reopening

Navigating the COVID-19 outbreak has been a bumpy road for businesses and consumers alike. Businesses that were considered non-essential had to close up shop for a significant amount of time while consumers had to adapt to new restrictions and requirements for shopping. Many companies, small and large, struggled to survive during these unprecedented times; others took the opportunity to revise and modernize their operating procedures with a new focus on health and safety.

As the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease back, retailers and service companies have long and difficult journeys ahead. The world has changed significantly in the last few months, and consumers are not comfortable waltzing in and out stores that don’t take the correct safety precautions beforehand. Therefore, all businesses must adapt to create a unique customer experience that prioritizes health and safety above all else. The best way to do this and prepare for a successful reopening is  by automating your Direct To Consumer (DTC)  interactions.

Automation spans a wide range of services, from website chatbots to virtual reality showrooms, and can be used across all industries. They help to facilitate interactions at every customer service touchpoint, ensuring that customers are heard and cared for every step of the way. The COVID-19 outbreak has inundated customer service centers with more questions, concerns, and requests than ever before. Automation can relieve some of your employees' burdens, handle various customer requests, and boost your customer satisfaction even during difficult times such as these.

Here are five ways automation can help businesses prepare for post-COVID reopening and pave the way for future success.

Creating a digital system that does the heavy lifting for you, in other words, getting started with your own automation services, doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavor that forces your development team to work around the clock and pull their hair out in frustration. BlueLeap makes the process as easy as it could possibly get!

You (yes, you) can easily set up and later update automatic interactions at specific customer touchpoints with BlueLeap to help you assist and engage with your audience as necessary. The application itself is pretty self-explanatory, but we went ahead and created this demo as a short guide. If you would like to learn more or talk shop, please contact us today!