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Getting students to respond

The Challenge:

How does a US University mitigate the effects of a broad enrollment decline across the US?

The Goals:

“We had space in our classrooms, but could not elicit replies from our non-traditional student body when specific information was required during the admissions process,” commented our executive sponsor. “We had been using email however, the response rates were below 35% leaving us to wonder if a student ever received the email at all.”


Our client needed a communication solution that would ensure not only a response, but a timely response. They needed SMS.

“We have become a model for the University. Our agents are using the system, the Provost and Chancellor have both

toured our facility and are actively recommending that other departments adopt our model. I

could not be more pleased.”


University Sponsor

The Solution:

In short order, BlueLeap installed the BlueLeap Connector. A messaging solution, integrated into Oracle Cloud Service; however, here was the twist, BlueLeap had not only integrated into the application itself, but did so in such a way that the university could use it to campaign to students.

This included:

  1. SMS campaigning capability that allowed the university to use Audiences and workflow capability within Oracle Cloud Service to connect with groups of students as well as single students.
  2. Two way SMS facilitating communication between customer and agents
  3. Long Code Sharing
  4. The BlueLeap Connector Admin Portal allowing for metering, triggering and threshold setting as well as establishing global deliver windows so customers are sent message only during business hours

The Impact:

“Since installing the BlueLeap Connector we have improved our yelids by 12% and decreased outstanding payments by 15%. This resulted in nearly $500,000 of additonal tution as compared to last year,” our sponsor concluded. “The BlueLeap Connector paid for itself the very next quarter.”

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