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A perfect combination

The Challenge:

How does a large retailer know when you want to talk?


The Goals:

“We are a large company, with aggressive growth goals,” commented our executive sponsor. “Unfortunately switching costs are extremely low in our industry and as a result we live or die by customer loyalty.”

Our client needed a communication solution that not only reached out to their customers with updates throughout the order management process, but also consistently left the door open to communicate.

“We have become a model for the University. Our agents are using the system, the Provost and Chancellor have both

toured our facility and are actively recommending that other departments adopt our model. I

could not be more pleased.”


University Sponsor

The Solution:

In a matter of weeks, BlueLeap installed the BlueLeap Connector – a messaging solution, integrated into Oracle Cloud Service enabling a combination of SMS and voice for global customer service representatives (CSRs).  Then they took it a step further by integrating the telephony capability directly into their business process.

This included:

1.    SMS workflow and campaigning capability that automatically messaged customers as their order moved through each stage of the order management process

2.    Customer driven voice interactions, allowing customers to ask for a phone call in response to a system initiated SMS

3.    Unicode capability when native language support was required

4.    The BlueLeap Connector Admin Portal allowing for metering, triggering and threshold settings for voice and SMS as well as establishing global delivery windows ensuring customers are sent message only during business hours

The Impact To be honest, we were neither best practice nor could our infrastructure readily support major leaps in process improvement.” Our executive sponsor smiled, “But since installing the BlueLeap Connector we increased customer satisfaction by 3% and dramatically improved our Net Promoter score. It’s made my life internally and externally much better.”    

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