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Opening New Markets

The Challenge:

How does a billion dollar a year business, with a global footprint larger than IBM’s, reach new markets in a matter of weeks?

The Goals:

“We needed to see what was happening,” commented our executive sponsor. “We had been using SMS to communicate with our prospects; however, it was not integrated. Therefore did not know if our SMS messages were being received or acted upon, in short we had no visibility.”

Our client needed a solution that would provide visibility of the SMS message to the handset level. Additionally, unicode was another requirement. Korea, China and Japan were several markets of largest potential that required SMS messaging happen in native language.

“Your model worked great, our sponsor remarked. I met with five prospects and I’m now moving two to the next step a

much higher hit-rate than normal; furthermore, because our value proposition was clear, I was able to quickly disqualify

prospects as well, which is nearly as important as closing.”


City Chamber Representative

The Solutions:

In short order, BlueLeap brought the BlueLeap Connector solution to the table. A global messaging solution, integrated into Oracle RightNow.

This included:

  1. Two way SMS facilitating communication between customer and agents
  2. Global Smart Routing allowing messages to be broadcast from the nearest geography, drastically improving read rates
  3. Short and Long Code Sharing
  4. The BlueLeap Connector Admin Portal allowing for metering, triggering and threshold setting as well as establishing global deliver windows so customers are sent message only during business hours

The Impact:

“Despite being in the PCI pod and one of the most complex global implementations of RIghtNow, the BlueLeap Connector was a near turnkey implementation, which went off very smoothly,”our sponsor concluded. “For us, the BlueLeap Connector was not only integrated but was light-years ahead of anything else in the market.”

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