Installation and Integration Services to Get You Up and Running Quickly

Do it Yourself (DIY)
If you're tech-savvy, we give you all the tools and information you need to install and integrate the BlueLeap platforms yourself.
Guided Implementation
Not sure if you're able to install the services on your own? We'll guide you through the entire implementation process.
Full End2End Solution
BlueLeap provides a complete turnkey of its solutions, allowing system integration to connect with your solution components.

What we provide:

Technology and messaging channels are constantly evolving. We stay ahead of the curve for you so you're never left behind.

BlueLeap focuses on the integration with mobile messaging applications, allowing you to leverage tools such as mobile payments via WeChat or Facebook Messenger, video chat with live customer agents, and much more.

Text Messaging
People spend most of their day on a mobile device, likely using a messaging application of some sort. BlueLeap helps you connect with customers like this so you can deliver your messaging to them.
Image Messaging
A picture is truly worth a thousand words. It tells the story better than any text can. BlueLeap’s applications allow your agents to provide images to customers so they can better understand your messages.
Voice Messaging
Sometimes, it’s easier to simply pick up the phone. With BlueLeap’s solutions, voice authorizations for purchases are possible from within the BlueLeap application.
We Take Care of the Complicated Integrations for You

BlueLeap’s business process configuration provides an integration canvas and an open API so that functional teams can diagram and deploy creative processes that meet business requirements with limited technical support.

Volume and Security

Spam messages and group emails have, to some extent, diluted the impact of email. Email messages can easily get lost or inadvertently filtered out of the inbox and flagged as spam. Similarly, text messages can be sent to a group or used to spam users, but the problem isn’t as wide-spread as it is with emails, giving the SMS format another advantage.

Virus attachments, malicious links and phishing content are other issues related to emails that don’t exist with text messages, making SMS a much more secure platform for messaging.

The results are clear - customers who embrace messaging have a 2X greater Net Promoter Score than those who don’t

Agent efficiency is 15% greater, resulting in higher customer and agent satisfaction rates.