Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge per seat?

No. We have a flat monthly fee, but mainly we are a consumption driven model. Our feeling is that we benefit when you benefit.

If I don’t have a CRM can you still help me?

Yes. You can use the BlueLeap application as a stand-alone system.

I have some idea of social media and CRM setup, but I don’t really know for sure what I need and I don’t want to pay for it until I do? How can you help?

Once you sign up for our system you don’t get charged until you exceed the 500 transactions or you remain active for 4 weeks. This way you can setup and test out your business process (and even run it in production) before you commit.

Our system landscape is a monstrosity that has grown like a weed with little pruning. How can your application help with that?

You can integrate all of your systems into our hub and generate one view. This makes it easy for you to keep your business process consistent across your systems.

What if I’m using a CRM that you have not identified as one of your services, can you still help?

Yes. We have a service that can be customized. It requires some minor scripting that we can help with.