The BlueLeap Connector is an OVI certified solution.  Overall, Oracle Validated Integration gives customers confidence that a partner’s integration is functionally sound and performs as designed. This help’s customers to reduce deployment risk, lower total cost of ownership, and improve the user experience related to the partner’s integrated offering.

BlueLeap’s Oracle Validated Integration Data Sheet is available upon request.

At minimum you will need the following Oracle Service Cloud functionality enabled within your site:

  • Oracle Service Cloud Rest API
  • Oracle Service Cloud Connect PHP API

Response and Resolution Time SLA’s

Severity Level                        Response Time                                Resolution Time

Severity 1                               10 minutes                                        6 hours

Severity 2                               10 minutes                                        24 hours

Severity 3                               10 minutes                                        48 hours

Severity 4                               10 minutes                                        1-calendar week

All Reasonable efforts will be made to resolve Severity 1 requests within one (1) hour.  We need your team to be available during this resolution period also for questions, access and testing.

All Reasonable efforts will be made to meet these response times and resolution times.

We understand that your business takes this seriously as a critical system.

The following definitions apply for the terms below:

Response Time 
The average amount of time a customer is waiting for a response from your team.

  • Response time is only counted if/when you reply to the customer. If the conversation has no replies, no response times are calculated.
  • If we send a reply after 45 minutes, the response time is 45 minutes.
  • Assigning, status changes, updating tags or adding notes do not impact response time at all.
  • If we reply after 45 minutes, then send additional replies to the customer before they respond, only the first response is counted towards average response time.
  • If the customer replies twice before we reply, response time is calculated from the first customer reply to the time a User replies.
  • Response time is not calculated for a new conversation. If/when the customer responds, response time will be counted for our next reply.

First Response Time 
The average amount of time a customer is waiting for the first reply from our team; subsequent response times are not included.

Conversation has at least one User reply  and a status of Closed; a conversation can only be resolved once.

       If User A replies and closes a conversation, then the customer replies, then User B replies and closes the conversation, User B has resolved it.

       If a User creates a conversation, the customer replies and the User closes it without a reply, the conversation is not subject to resolution metrics. A conversation cannot be Resolved by being created, nor by closing without a Reply from a User.

Resolution Time 
The average amount of time it takes from the time a conversation is created to the time it is resolved.

  • If a customer replies to a conversation (often a “Thanks” reply) and it is closed with no User reply necessary, the resolution happens on the last User reply.

Resolved on First Reply 
Percentage of conversations that are resolved after one reply, as opposed to those requiring multiple replies or no reply at all.

  • If there are two User replies and the customer only has the original thread, it is not resolved on the first reply.

Replies Sent 

  • Number of replies sent from Users to customers.

BlueLeap’s support for service cloud versions are consistent with Oracle’s. Please identify your version prior to installation and we will provide you with the correct files.