Easily SEE how customers actually use your products using AI

Your organization is inundated by customer generated videos, photos, audio and text. BlueLeap can help you extract actionable insights from multiple data formats across a variety of channels.

Field Intelligence

Customers aren’t great at describing their problems and agents often type in the wrong data. BlueLeap can analyze the situation and help with that.

  • Receive product usage data by photo, video, chat, email, and even Amazon Alexa — you name it.
  • Instantly take a customer interaction and identify the core of what’s happening.
  • Provide multimedia and IoT input to your product team in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Product Performance

A lot of customer issues are often caused by environmental obstacles beyond your control. BlueLeap will analyze the entire picture and alert your product team.

  • Visually identify behavioral problems with specific product parts.
  • Label and highlight environmental barriers that might impact performance.
  • Monitor common issues across product incidents and immediately alert the product team when thresholds are exceeded.

Customer Engagement

BlueLeap will ensure that you CRM retains the 360 degree view of your customer.

  • Sync all customer interactions with your CRM.
  • Organize video and image data so that agents can easily understand it in context of a support ticket and cutomer care business process.
  • Offer realtime product usage resolution steps to your agents and/or customer based on product usage data when needed.

Actionable Product Insights

Conquer Product issues by obtaining actionable insights gleaned from actual use scenarios.

  • BlueLeap sees, analyzes and gives you actionable insights into how users are actually interacting with your product gleaned from videos, photos, IoT data, chat, and more.
  • BlueLeap accelerates root cause anaysls and helps your team pritorize product enhancements.
  • Based on product usage data BlueLeap can help your product team create more realistic environmental testing scenarios that avoid future returns.

Understanding your customers and how they use your products has never been easier.

BlueLeap’s no-code AI solution can automatically connect all customer interactions, analyze requests, solve problems, and provide actionable insights to your agents and engineering team.

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Using A.I. to generate product insights should be easy.

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