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Achieving measurable results is critical for success. It’s easy to do. Just type in your goals and we generate a realtime scorecard continually communicating your achievements.

BlueLeap just does cool stuff… Like allow your customers to send photos or videos of their issues, and get them solved. Blow their minds with innovative, slick, customer service.

Awesome customer service creates loyal customers. But right now it feels humanly impossible for your current staff to keep up. You’ve thought about automation, but figured out it’s expensive, hard, & time consuming. We’re here to change that.

BlueLeap uses Smart Bot Magic to connect all customer interactions, analyze requests, solve problems, and provide useful data for your agents.

BlueLeap handles a ton of the customer requests and then equips your agents to do the human stuff, really well. Your team spends time only where they’re needed.

They’re given the information and context they need to be successful.


"We are seeing, for truly the first time, some great texting interactions between our agents and perspective students."

James Kammerman

QOline Director, Digital Support

"We are seeing, for truly the first time, some great texting interactions between our agents and perspective students."

Christian Slone

Director, IT Purchasing

"BlueLeap's Application, Dialogue, Provided Immediate & Quantifiable benefits to our efforts. This is truly a Value-add Solution"

John DeGruttola

Sr. VP Sales & Marketing,
Optima Health


Bring all your platforms together. Your agents can use your CRM as a central hub where everything is connected

BlueLeap Smart Bots open and close incidents, live transfer based on topics, set ticket status, select the appropriate disposition, and record their time.

Most people don’t want to use the phone anymore. BlueLeap gives your customers cool alternatives to calling someone. They can interact with you via email, text, videos, and photos to get their problems resolved fast.

BlueLeap saves your agents time by handling a lot of the customer service requests. When it’s time for your agents to get involved, they are given all the information they need to do their job well. They can easily see previous interactions, an analysis of how the customer is feeling, and a recommended course of action.