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Energizing Enterprise Customer Experience (CX) With Cloud Telephony

Customer Experience (CX) is building enduring relationships and advocates by consistently engaging customers in a meaningful way across a myriad of channels. In today’s market, an experience that separates you from your competition is the fast way to sustainable competitive advantage

Simply monitoring and reacting to the channel is not enough. You have to engage proactively at each stage of the customer journey or you are not being effective. You can’t do that with traditional on-premise telephony infrastructure. It’s neither integrated nor flexible enough to meet your needs
The BlueLeap platform delivers Innovation where telephony, your agents and your customer converge.
50% productivity gains for agents by automating unnecessary steps
Global management and routing of your communication interactions (voice or messaging (MMS/SMS)) – ultimately designed to optimize engagement and response.
Prebuilt functionality hooks into the Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Fusion CRM and Siebel

For Your Customers

Have you been reading the press? Your customers want:

  • To call reps for help – for free – from Facebook or Twitter from within the webpage
  • To stop identifying themselves, and providing their information countless times
  • To use Video Chat if desired
  • Get text message updates as the status of their order evolves
  • Be told when their electricity will be restored

Their time is important. They have choices, they can switch on a dime, and the flexibility you’ll gain by using the BlueLeap connector will help you build brand loyalty.

Quotes:   My electric company told me I would be restored in 1 hour.

Mom, this University is cutting edge. They texted an invite to me!

For Your Agents

Your goal is to make your agents productive and efficient. Happy agents, are retained agents and retained agents provide better service. The key to agent happiness is allowing them:

  • To Call from within their agent desktop
  • To Receive screen pops with each call
  • To work from one queue
  • To Send In-Call SMS
  • To Establish Conference Calls from one screen by touching a button

Agents take pride in their work. They want to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, and they want to make customers happy. The more they can focus on the customer and not weaving through the complexity of a complicated phone system and multiple computer screens in order to do their job, the faster they can resolve issues the first time. The result: your customer is happy, you’re happy, everyone is happy.

Quotes: I used to have to raise my hand for my supervisor to come physically plug into my customer conversation via my workstation. Now I can conference in 2 people in remote countries by clicking their contact button.

For Your Executives

According to most analysts, it’s clear executives want:

  • The benefits of an OpEx Model
  • To request changes without adding hardware, resources or both
  • To have a complete and integrated picture of customers across all communication channels including SMS, IVR polling, and robotic voice reminders
  • To have the ability to adjust business process when customer’s demand it

Senior Executives need results and you pride yourself on delivering them. To deliver in today’s world you need flexibility (to add 100 agents based on seasonal demands) and capability (to change your IVR when you need to). You’re tired of the limits imposed by your on-premise telephony system, and you’re ready to make a change.   Start by adding a feature.

For Yourself

Customer Experience is critical. It’s competitive advantage for you and your organization – in short, it’s life or death in the business world. To ensure success you need:

  • Complete Visibility into your support processes across all channels
  • A low cost and hassle free way of managing change without defocusing you and your organization
  • The ability to surge and scale your telephony capability when and where you need it – “I can drop a call center in New Orleans in a week”
  • Tighter Control

You’re on the frontlines every day. Losing customers means you’re eventually out of business. You understand Getting CX right ‘once’ is not enough. It has to be right across millions of interactions everyday,which means you must bring your “A” game…and that requires flexibility, and BlueLeap provides it.   Talk to us today.

For Universities

Competition and more student choice are driving down enrollment. To win you have to quickly react to your student’s needs. And for that you need flexibility to:

  • Manage your telephony and CRM systems on your own – without IT support
  • Talk to them the way they listen – texting, robo voice rather than email
  • Make simple changes when you need them
  • Enable infrastructure around you that meets your needs
  • Cut costs

You know that university’s must market in optimal ways to meet yields. Research finds that Student prospects who are sent text messages enroll at a 40% higher rate than those who are not sent any text messages.  Text Messages Are Received Immediately and Opened 98% of the time. If SMS is not part of your Marketing Channel – you’re not in the Game. According to analysts – “95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes and a total read rate of almost 99%.” For you to win, you need flexibility, and BlueLeap provides it. Click here to find out how.

For Engineers


engineer As an engineer you want to recommend robust, scalable solutions to your clients. The secret is our (patent pending) High Volume Message integration platform – the BlueLeap Connector.  Our Platform is designed as  a stand-alone system for message handling; it contains a Message Queue, Multithreading, Mass Sending, Mechanism Optimization, Billing Reporting, Encryption, Cache, Audit Log, Multi-Client & Multi-System Extension and Multi-Platform Extensible core.


Sitting between the Oracle Cloud and our downstream telephony providers, it’s maintaining visibility across your communications process. With it we can provide even more flexibility, and control for your organization by:(a) tracking all aspects of the conversation from a specific agent, sitting in a cost center, to the handset, (b) providing global reporting and assignment of communications resources from a central hub with a click of a button, (c) automating routine telephony tasks and integrating them into your workflow bringing efficiency to your customers and agents.


Additionally, because of our connector we rapidly bring service that no other solution provides:

  • Two way SMS messaging
  • Long Code Support
  • Short Code Support
  • MMS
  • Billing and Settlement
  • Global Smart Routing
  • PCI Pod Integration
  • Workflows and Business Rules Integration
  • Knowledge Base (including video) Lookup via SMS
  • Voice Broadcast
  • Text To Speech
  • IVR and much more…


The BlueLeap platform authenticates users via http protocol (HTTPs is available upon request for an additional charge). Data is handled according to our client’s requests. Billing is provided online (along with metering, monthly trending and delivery outcome details) and can be searched and sorted by Agent ID or time or cost center (depending on the setup) and/or country code; thereby, providing complete downstream and upstream visibility.

For Government


  • BlueLeap, LLC
    We are a registered and active business with the Federal CCR/SAM and the 10+ State and Local Governments
    DUNS # Upon Request.
  • Federal
    CAGE/NCAGE Code: Upon Request
  • CCR/SAM: Active vendor in Central Contractor
    Registration: BlueLeap, LLC
  • NAICS Codes Selected
    • Primary  NAICS
    • Code  Description
  • PSC Codes Selected
    • PSC Code  Description
    • 7030  ADP SOFTWARE

How do we deliver Results?

Evolving Cloud Technologies, commonalities between business processes, and consumers demanding personalized experience are forcing organizations to change at breakneck speeds. At BlueLeap, we deliver Business Process over the cloud. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, BlueLeap brings more than 20 years of business process strategy, operational efficiency and global technology experience.

Defining Your Path Forward

Our approach is fast, iterative and industry-specific. We leverage the power of the cloud, to create flexible business logic. Gone are the days of waterfall implementation rollouts with heavy upfront integration and consulting costs.

With BlueLeap, you define your process, name your desired outcomes and we rapidly deploy the rest. Furthermore, our flexible framework allows your team to evolve their processes in an iterative fashion thereby lowering traditional barriers to change. As we know, it’s all about adoption.

Our clients tell us over and over that our process works allowing them to move beyond worries related to system and integration complexity and focus on creative strategic breakthroughs and revolutionary insights that move the needle for their business.

A Business Syndication Interface

Where you model your business and integration needs

A Logic Engine

Where industry-specific workflows, data models, dashboards, and reports are made available to you and your team based on the ideal fit for your process model

An Integration Module

Makes available the interface hooks, as defined by your process, ensuring you have complete interoperability within the cloud and on premise

We are offering a Webinar further explaining the market
leading benefits and extensive features of BlueLeap.

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About Us


BlueLeap delivers revenue-accelerating results, where communications and your customer converge. At BlueLeap, we integrate cloud-based, telephony (voice and messaging) into your business process automating communication tasks thereby saving your agents time, reducing customer wait and building brand loyalty.

Easy Deploy

Our Methodology

Choose BlueLeap Product

Choose the product that best fits your strategic initiatives.


In a matter of days we will have you up and running.


We will configure processes specific to your business.

Test & Rollout

We test. You test. Rollout ready.

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All our Products Features are integrated into your Oracle CRM tool.  You won’t have to pay any big dollars to integrate them. We know how to work with the tool.  You do not have to use another systems integrator although it’s an option.  We know how to get you up and running quickly even within the PCI pod.

Opt-In/Opt Out

With us, your customers can choose their personalized marketing approach. This can be done via a customer requesting to not receive certain items any longer or by selecting the service they wish to subscribe to (alert, outage, parties, newsletter, bill overdue). In this way, I can keep a pulse on the items that might bring me joy or problems.

Tagging Contact Record

Because we are OVI (Oracle Validated Integration) with Oracle Cloud Service, we automatically tag the contact record with each activity. Other companies are not doing this for you. This delivers the crucial customer 360 degree view.

Long Code (SMS)

Now you can send a text to a mobile phone number from anywhere in the world real time…on the fly. You can also send a campaign (multiple customers) when you want. Your customers are reading and responding more quickly to text than any other form of communication. Our proprietary software gives your agent the ability to deliver a text from inside the Oracle RightNow CRM software and attach that text outgoing history and response history to a contact record. Only BlueLeap is delivering this for Oracle Customers currently.

Short Code (SMS)

Simultaneous, high volume, critical texts? You might need a short code. Short codes enable you to send SMS at 30 messages per second versus a long code which can send 1 message per second. This high-throughput is perfect for applications that need to send SMS messages to lots of users or need to send many time sensitive messages. If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact us (make this a link). Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television program voting, ordering ringtones and charity donations.


The proprietary ability to send and receive MMS (multimedia messaging service) from within Oracle RightNow allows for the inclusion of video, picture, audio, etc. into the text message within OracleRightNow. You could include a “how to” video to your customer’s, a high res picture or bill or coupon. Whenever a picture message is sent from a mobile phone, this is considered an MMS message. No other company is providing this for you within Oracle RightNow.

Long Code and Short Code Sharing

We have the ability to allow you to lower your price by using short code sharing. This brings you the great benefit of the throughput without the price.

Unicode (Foreign Language Support)

BlueLeap brings you the ability to support Foreign Language Characters. For example: We have a customer that can now communicate with hundreds of countries in their native language. This is “moving the needle” in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Egypt where they were previously trying to communicate using English.

Online Portal Billing & Settlement

BlueLeap has proprietary Online Billing and Settlement capability designed for your convenience.

Online Portal On-demand numbers

BlueLeap gets you phone numbers on demand seamlessly to support your processes. Others wait to provision numbers first from providers.

PCI pod

BlueLeap has successfully implemented our products within the Oracle PCI pod environment.

Online Portal Reporting

Cost center reporting and budget monitoring with help you understand and smash your metrics. View your statistics based on agent activity, aggregate (department/branch/region/office) parameters.


BlueLeap is happy to help you with configuration and support. Oracle RightNow / Oracle Service Cloud is a highly configurable, powerful, enterprise able, scalable package and BlueLeap is an Oracle Specialized Partner meaning that our skills have been tested and validated. All configuration settings are parameter-based and can be done remotely.

Campaigning short code & long code

We enable you to campaign/set up a common text that can be sent to a large group of individuals from within Oracle RightNow. Campaigning is often done for a particular new product or new promotion, before a recruiting trip or a conference.

Global Smart Routing

We have patent pending logic making your call geo-location relevant which greatly increases the likelihood of the call being answered.

Global Outbound Management Queue

Within your Oracle RightNow system, BlueLeap enables you to set days and time that are blacked out for sending SMS/text messages. Companies were forced to segment their emails based on the time zone to comply with date and time restrictions. We do that for you. What used to be 24 different campaigns can now be one and save all the time and risk.

Mobile Response: 2 way SMS

Believe it or not this has not been available in Oracle RightNow. The ability to confirm your appointment, ask a question, survey your customer about your product.

Workflow and Business Rules

Proprietary ability to kickoff texting, MMS even voice based on a business rule. Imagine…..please send in your transcript.

SMS Knowledge Base retrieval

Your customer can text a question into the knowledge base and receive an answer via text. Just think….text a question from the boat or the garage or the soccer field…

Video Retrieval

Your customer can text a question and you can send back a “how to” video or send a promotional campaign video or send an online teaching video.

Customer Directions

You can send customer directions via an SMS/text message or via an automated voice.

Voice Broadcast

VB is invaluable for anyone who needs to deliver the same message to multiple people. This is perfect for: schools, religious organizations, political campaigns, sports fans and staffing companies.

Text to Speech

BlueLeap is able to convert text to audio on demand from within Oracle RightNow. An agent can enter text and we will artificially produce human speech using a voice synthesizer.


BlueLeap radically reduces the Contact Center Total Cost of Ownership by quickly and easily deploying WebRTC with zero disruption to your existing contact center and customer service operations. This is a proprietary capability from within Oracle RightNow. Use our media bar to call out to a customer browser-to-browser for voice calling, video chart and P2P file sharing without plugins. No need for hardware. No need for telephone handsets. BlueLeap’s WebRTC helps to reduce the contact center’s cost of ownership and adds additional levels of flexibility into how agents can be provisioned and managed. The BlueLeap WebRTC Service integrates with your SIP contact center solution, leveraging routing and cross-channel contact infrastructure to enable a robust, scalable, and flexible virtual customer service solution across the entire organization. For customer service agents, WebRTC-initiated calls are identical to the regular IP/SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) voice and video calls they already handle, without the need for specialized user interfaces, controls or processes. Therefore, your contact center can quickly and fully support WebRTC calls with no additional development or comprehensive agent training. Evolve from your switch by using some WebRTC.

On Demand Numbers and Number Porting

Porting a number is the transfer of a phone number between two telephone service providers on behalf of a customer. The process involves providing the right documentation to prove ownership of the number as well as coordination between the current provider and the new provider on when the number will be moved over. There is virtually no need for this when on demand phone number provisioning is available.

Universal Queueing

BlueLeap has a proprietary capability within Oracle RightNow to queue emails, texts, alerts, phone calls, twitter and Facebook. You can decide to route these types of communication to different agents or to the same agent and you or someone else can manage.

Outbound Dialing

Any call center agent or employee can call a customer or student using cloud telephony, softphone or WebRTC. All of this is done easily from the BlueLeap Media Bar which is already integrated into your Oracle RightNow software.

Screen Pop

A screen pop is a feature of a computer telephony integration (CTI) application that automatically displays all of the relevant caller and account information on a call center agent's screen during a call. The name comes from the screen automatically popping up when the call is sent to the agent. Caller id, voice response or an automatic call distributor (ACD) may be used to match the incoming call against a customer database to identify the caller before the connection is made to the agent.

Automated Dialer

A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. Like other types of autodialers (also called robodialers), predictive dialers call numbers automatically and can help agents screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers and disconnected numbers.


An electronic system enabling the recording and storage of voice messages, which can subsequently be retrieved by the intended recipient.

Call Transcription

A typewritten copy of a call.


A conference call is a telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call. Conference calls are designed so that the calling party calls the other participants and adds them to the call by the push of a button.


Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.

800 Number

Toll free numbers are numbers that begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844. Toll free numbers allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call.

Call Routing & Music on Hold

In the simplest instance, music on hold takes effect when phone A is talking to phone B, and phone A places phone B on hold. MOH is also available during the call routing scenario.

Call Recording

Call Recording is also known as a phone recording, voice logging, agent monitoring or call monitoring. This term means to record a telephone call or other audio source. BlueLeap has the capability to tap into a phone line and record and monitor these calls.

SIP Trunking

SIP is a Voice over Internet Protocol and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol by which Internet telephony service providers deliver telephone services and unified communications to customers equipped with SIP-based private branch exchange and Unified Communications facilities.

Call Analytics

The monitoring and measurement of incoming phone calls to assist businesses with learning more about where their callers come from and how they interact with a business.

7 Sam Walton Quotes You Should Read Right Now | Fox Business

About a year ago from BlueLeap's Twitter via LinkedIn

Case Studies

BlueLeap has a Proven Track Record of Delivering in-time and on-budget

Opening New Markets

 How does a billion dollar a year business, with a global footprint larger than IBM’s, reach new markets in a matter of weeks?

“We needed to see what was happening,” commented our executive sponsor. “We had been using SMS to communicate with our prospects; however, it was not integrated. Therefore did not know if our SMS messages were being received or acted upon, in short we had no visibility.”

Read More >

Getting students to respond
How does a US University mitigate the effects of a broad enrollment decline across the US?

“We had space in our classrooms, but could not elicit replies from our non-traditional student body when specific information was required during the admissions process,” commented our executive sponsor. “We had been using email however, the response rates were below 35% leaving us to wonder if a student ever received the email at all.”

Read More >

Major University Changes Antiquated Processes
 How does a major university’s department, supporting nearly 50,000 undergraduates and graduates the same way over the last thirty years, fundamentally change?

“This was a very difficult situation,” commented our executive sponsor. Many areas of our department were still operating on faxed support forms. We needed a solution that would provide an optimal online experience for our student constituents, and an efficient management platform for our customer service agents.

Read More >

A perfect combination
 How does a large retailer know when you want to talk?

“We are a large company, with aggressive growth goals,” commented our executive sponsor. “Unfortunately switching costs are extremely low in our industry and as a result we live or die by customer loyalty.”

Read More >


It’s not simply about monitoring usage or understanding if someone received a text message or a phone call, it’s about linking those technical facts with your enterprise service automation and CRM systems, and reacting accordingly – our Admin Portal allows you to do just that. Flexible and simple, the BlueLeap Connector Admin Portal is the link between agent and customer activity, allowing you to not only understand how the technology is being used, but draw actionable insights from each outcome.


Accessible via a simple web interface, the portal allows our clients to globally manage messaging and voice capability in a meaningful business framework. Global cost center, and general ledger rollup, chargebacks and other activities can be managed online, real time by senior executives. Additionally, technical configurations can be made as well, albeit still within the business context. Enabling voice and messaging for specific agents globally, setting delivery blackouts for various time zones and geographies, and tracking message delivery to the handset while ensuring the agent appropriately responds, are just some of things that can be understood, managed and reported on across your organization.


At BlueLeap we don’t believe in silos. Actionable insights come from a holistic evaluation and understanding of the technical and business processes across your organization.  The BlueLeap Connector Admin Portal is where technical and business outcomes can be configured, stored and reported on ultimately allowing you to build long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.



Leadership Team



A seasoned IT executive, Raleigh has spent the last 20 years helping organizations achieve new levels of Operational Excellence. Previously, she served as Chief Information Officer at GE Capital and at Mediware, where she championed key global change initiatives. She also co-founded and served as president of Seventh Wave Technology, a privately held managed services company based in Alpharetta, Ga.

Throughout her career, Raleigh has successfully led global teams at major multinational companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Accenture, IBM, GE Capital, JPMorgan Chase, Nationwide Insurance, Southern California Gas Company, Pacific Gas & Electric, Tenneco and Delta.

Raleigh graduated Magna cum Laude from The Ohio State University, with a BSBA in Finance. She is also the recipient of numerous corporate and industry awards, including the GE Capital Pinnacle Award.



A veteran business strategist and entrepreneur, Eric combines an understanding of how to bring trailblazing innovation to market and extensive software development knowledge. He knows how to leverage the full product development lifecycle to help companies create sustainable competitive advantage. He's particularly adept at streamlining, standardizing and integrating complex, global processes for organizations experiencing significant change.

After working at Accenture, Eric co-founded Seventh Wave Technology in the late 1990s, offering a shared services support model for companies running SAP. Afterwards, Eric spent several years helping Fortune 500 companies decouple and outsource non-core business processes to India and China.
Eric holds a BBA and MBA from Emory University's Goizueta Business School.


SVP, Delivery

With nearly 20 years experience as an entrepreneur creating, investing in and acquiring technology, Frank has built a strong track record of success. Armed with business vision and a keen understanding of corporate architectures, Frank has helped many Fortune 1000 companies navigate the pitfalls of mergers and the complexities of IP technology acquisition.

Frank's first venture, YY Group Inc., teamed him with the Georgia Institute of Technology and several U.S. government agencies, developing 3D virtual global information systems (VGIS). Since then, Frank has started JBI LLC, a firm that routinely works with numerous private equity and international hedge funds, brokering real estate, energy and M&A deals for the China market, including mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Frank holds a BS in EE from the University of Science and Technology of China; an MS in Computer Science and a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology; and an MBA from Emory University's Goizueta Business School.



Jim has spent all his life delivering value to his customers throughout the world. Initially he worked in the construction industry where he cut his teeth in Civil Engineering projects. About 1995 he then started to work in the technology area and started to apply his skills to the software industry. Quickly he gained credibility within his customer set and progressed to running programs of 120 application development projects or more. He transformed this organisation from CMML1 to CMML3 in 12 months. Jim then expanded his experience and became the P&L owner for large multi year contracts for IBM, operating 4 of the top 12 globally. He worked ran contracts for customers in Health, Public, Telecommunications, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance and Pharmaceutical Sectors, often covering over 100 countries and multiple mission critical technologies and services. Jim has also run Vending, Food Production and Private Investment small businesses in the past. Jim has worked and lived throughout the world for many years and brings clarity to the way that technology can drive business value. He is passionate about customer experience and service. Jim holds tertiary qualifications in Social Science, Civil Engineering, Human Resources, Computing as well as a Masters of Management (Technology) from the Melbourne Business School.


Oracle Corporation

The world's leading supplier of software for information management, and the world's second-largest independent software company. The Redwood Shores, Calif.-based company offers its database, tools and application products, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 145 countries worldwide.

Incite! Decision Technologies, LLC.

An Atlanta-based project and portfolio risk analysis consulting firm. We help clients identify, measure and manage the risk they face when adopting strategic initiatives, selecting projects, allocating capital, and managing program and project portfolios.

Synresoft Software Co., Ltd

a Canada and China based software design firm focused on a wide range of software development projects within the U.S. and Canada. Synresoft's highly efficient and qualified software design and development services reduce business operating costs.

SynreTech Software Services Co., Ltd

a Qindao, China-based joint-venture founded in 2008 between Synrevoice Technologies Inc. (Toronto, Canada) and Qingdao Hi-Tech Corporations (Qingdao, China). SynreTech Software Services has grown to become one of leading providers of application development services throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Qingdao Software Park

One of China's top 10 software parks. Since opening in 2002,the park has served hundreds of overseas and local companies, offering high-quality training, access to funding and startup incubation services in mainland China.


The cloud communications company, is reinventing telecom by merging the worlds of cloud computing, web services and telecommunications. Twilio provides a telephony infrastructure web service in the cloud, allowing web developers to integrate phone calls, text messages, and IP voice communications into their web, mobile, and traditional phone applications.