Nearly 1 in 7 people use a messaging application like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp to communicate with others all over the world.

BlueLeap’s Dialogue application brings together over 2 billion active daily users across multiple messaging platforms onto just one.

Dialogue supports messaging for companies of all sizes in over 32 countries, allowing you to perfect the digital conversations with your customers and improve your team’s overall productivity and increase efficiencies.

BlueLeap customers have embraced digital messaging, improved their Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and increased customer and agent satisfaction rates.


Line Messenger allows you to connect with your customers, even if they're halfway across the world. It's cost-effective also available on many different mobile devices.
With so many different communications channels, it can be confusing to utilize different applications or platforms all at once. With Media Bar, you're able to consolidate all of them into one easy-to-...
Having an actual customer support agent improves the customer experience, increases satisfaction rates, and makes it faster and easier to resolve issues at hand.
Computer telephony integration (CTI) allows for telephone and computer integrations, making call routing more efficient and quicker.
Facebook is a popular social media channel that has evolved to connect users via its messaging platform. Dialogue integrates this platform with your call center business process.
While social media channels are rampant, many users are looking towards chat platforms as their go-to source for communication, information and services. Kik allows users to chat with anyone, anywhere...
With 963 million monthly active users and 38 billion monthly messages sent, WeChat is a perfect platform for engaging with an expansive customer segment, and it’s not just China.
SMS campaigns have increasingly become a quick and cost-effective marketing platform. Their higher open and response rates compared to email has made them the ideal choice for the successful organizat...
Simply sending a message is not enough. BlueLeap takes the process further by ensuring every message is reviewed appropriately so that your agents can act at the right time.
BlueLeap's Mergetool is a utility that can be run directly by your agents or as a BlueLeap managed service that helps take the legwork out of managing duplicate records – all with just the click of...
It's not always just about the technology you're using. It's important to have effective businesses processes in place along with those technological innovations to enable all of your teams.
Your customers want their questions answered immediately, their issues resolved quickly, and their voices heard at all times.

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